Thursday, September 25, 2008

memories...past and future

its no news to anyone that my (our?) favorite place on Earth is the Outer Banks of North Carolina. so i had to smile when Mike mentioned a few weeks ago that they were "making a movie about Rodanthe" (one of the more remote villages on the southern portion of the main island). my first thought was, "oh no! tourists! it'll be ruined!"... then i saw the trailer. Nights in Rodanthe is the screen adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' novel by the same name. you know him - he did The Notebook and A Walk to Remember. the trailer gave me chills - not Richard Gere or Diane Lane - but those waves....that beach...the moon...the sunrise...the grey, weathered wood found, well, everywhere.

the song stopped me in my tracks - Gavin Rossdale - former lead singer of Bush - showing a softer side sings, "Love Remains the Same". i've included it enjoy.

so i think about how that place remains the same - the essential parts do - and we've been going there for nearly a decade. hopefully as the decades go forth, old memories will be recalled and new ones made - for Mike and for me and for Michael too.

by the way - i LOVE LOVE LOVE that kid's taste in music. he was helping me tonight with scanning some documents downstairs on the laptop - and when i went down, i heard this amazing STUFF coming from the pc. i asked, "who's that?", and he replied "Josh Radin". awesome talent - and once again, my cool senior, who listens to every type of music known to man - turns me on to something good...enjoy. thanks, michael :)


Michelle said...

Music can take you places you never thought possible or remind you of moments past that you thought were lost forever. I'm glad that we have that in common, a love of music. Hope this finds you well...

meg said...

i could use some "art of the chillage" these days for sure. :-)

I miss you guys like crazy!

Michael (a.k.a. the next chan wook) said...

Yep I'm proud to be your kid! Just remember the art of the chillage and this year'll be fine! Okie Dokie, back to prepping for the ACT(YIKES!!!)